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Hey, remember that person you thought you couldn’t live without? Well, look at you living and shit.


Hey, remember that person you thought you couldn’t live without? Well, look at you living and shit.

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Collage Art - Susan Legind

Cutitout - Bracelets & Collage (Official fan page)

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spring forward


spring forward

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Chalk sign I did for the restaurant/brewery I work at.


Scottish Highlands by loic le quéré

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"I like looking at you through smoke. It makes you look mysterious."


FASHION: Is This Our Generation in 50 Years?

Fun! While browsing through her aunt’s teenage photos from the 1960s, photographer Linda Dajana Krüger aka Dai Lyn Power tried to imagine what our generation could look like 50 years from now.

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Much Loved - Mark Nixon

Award winning Irish photographer Mark Nixon has created Much Loved, a collection of 65 “loved to bits” teddies along with their owners’ stories.

When everything was unknown, they were there.

Where anything could happen, they were there.

These repositories of hugs, of fears, of hopes, of tears, of snots and smears.

Alone at night, they were the comforters, when monsters lurked in darkened corners, when raised voices muffled through floors and walls.

These silent witnesses, these constant companions, defenders of innocence.

Their touch, yes, but their smell, that instantly calming, all embalming musk, unique to each, soothing and smoothing the journey from consciousness to un, from purity to im, from infancy to adult-terre.

Sworn to secrecy, unconditionally there, unjudgementally fair and almost always a bear.

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Some days it’s easy to Hope. It’s like, on those days, Hope curls up next to you like a quiet, happy cat and you can feel good because Hope is there. It’s like there’s something about the air; like even the air wants to have that Hope that you get to be snuggled with.
But then, not every day is like that. Some days, Hope is nowhere to be found. And you can’t even find a trace enough to think it’ll ever come back. Every once in a while, on those days, someone will try to point Hope out to you, but you’re too afraid to scare it away so you don’t say it’s name, or look at it, or dare to call out for it. You simply turn over in bed, remembering what it felt like when Hope was near. On those days you can’t even hope that Hope will return. You just wait. Wait and feel sad, but also very empty, as you look at the spot where Hope used to lay.

That’s what depression feels like.